Visit from Vietnam’s Agricultural TV (3NTV)

On Monday 14 October, a group of four reporters and camera folks from an Agricultural TV network in Vietnam came to visit the VTCAD project. They were in the US for a three week tour of interesting agricultural projects and we were lucky enough to be included on their itinerary. I gave them an introduction, they filmed some segments about the college and the project, and then we took the tour.

I learned a bit about AD in Vietnam during their visit. Apparently many farms, large and small, use anaerobic digestion to produce biogas. However, they use biogas very differently than we do. In rural Vietnam, biogas is used as a cooking fuel rather than a means of producing electricity. If you consider Vietnam’s rural climate, their more direct use of biogas and the fact that scrubbing and generating engines are not required its clear that they can apply the technology with less expense than we can here in snowy Vermont.

Thanks to Xuan Bui Thi and her crew for their visit. We appreciated the chance to meet them an to learn about a little about AD in Vietnam.