Vermont Tech’s Community Anaerobic Digester uses European technology
Our digester is a two-stage complete-mix facility that separates the aerobic and anaerobic steps of digestion in two tanks, and that continuously mixes and stirs feedstock to increase efficiency. This system is significantly more effective than the plug flow design most commonly seen in Vermont and harvests over 90% of the methane potential of feedstock materials.

Bio-Methatech of Québec is constructing the digester facility using a complete mix technology and design developed by Lipp of Germany. Over 700 Lipp systems have been installed in Europe, and the oldest working facility is now over 30 years old. Lipp systems use Verinox, a duplex steel material: stainless on the inside and galvanized on the outside. Tanks are constructed by spinning bands of this steel into a continuous cylinder. The development of Verinox and the Lipp Dual-Seam System have been recognized by award of the prestigious Rudolph Diesel medal in 1982, the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Award in 2005, and the Steel Innovation Award for Germany in 2006.

Watch the short video of this unique process tank construction process!

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