Feedstock Partners

Farm Feedstock Partners
Ayers Brook Goat Dairy 
of Randolph Vermont
One of Ranolph’s beloved dairy farms has been given a new lease on life. In 2012, Carol and Perry Hogden’s distingushed Jersey cow dairy was purchased by Evergreen Conservation Partners and leased to three partners: Alison Hooper and Bob Reese of Vermont Creamery and Rene Deleeuw, a renowned goat expert from the Netherlands by way of New York State. We will be the grateful and proud recipients of the manure from Ayers Brook and will return nutrients to the farm and assist them with creating and executing their nutrient management plan. One of our best ag students, Isiah Coles McKeown, is already spending a good bit of his week at Ayers Brook – between classes, of course!

Food Residual Partners
Grow Compost of Moretown Vermont
We are thrilled to be partnering with Lisa, Scott and Megan at Grow Compost to develop a clean ‘food scrap’ collection route in our local community. Grow Compost of Vermont has been hauling organic materials from throughout Central Vermont and making agricultural-grade compost in Moretown since 2008. All of their compost and living soil blends are produced to NOFA-VT standards to grow certified organic produce. The partnership seeks to collect clean food residuals in the greater Randolph area and deliver those to the college digester or to Grow’s compost windrows. We will also be developing educational materials and opportunities and working together to answer research questions about composting and anaerobic digestion.