The Month of September

First Week of September 2013
Steel specialists tested the Lipp machinery that spins and crimps bands of Verinox steel to create cylindrical tanks. You can see the first bands of the large anaerobic digester tank sitting above the concrete pad. The roof will be built on top of this before the rest of the tank is ‘spun up’ beneath it.

Second Week of September 2013
The roof of the anaerobic digestion tank was clad with its green exterior. The structural skeleton of the roof of the large anaerobic digestion tank was placed on top of the first (uppermost) Verinox coil that makes up the top of the tank. Next step is to keep “spinning” up the rest of the wall.

Third Week of September 2013
The large anaerobic digestion tank is spun up to full height and wrapped with Pex tubing. The Pex carries hot water, heated by energy recovered from the generator, around the tank to keep it at operating temperatures of about 37C (or 98.6F, body temperature). The rectangular walls will become the building that houses the generator, feed mixing tank and solids separator.

Last Week of September 2013

More pex tubing is wrapped around the Anaerobic tank, while the hydrolyzer tank is starting to be built. Meanwhile more work is done on the building to house the other parts of the digester.