The Month of August

First Week of August 2013

A road leads off below campus making the site more accessible. Concrete is also being poured for the foundations of the hydrolyzer tank and the anaerobic digesting tank. The hydrolyzer tank will prepare waste for the anaerobic tank by acting like a compost pile for 3-6 days. With the presence of oxygen microbes can break down food particles. In this process gases like CO2 are released and the oxygen is depleted, once there’s no oxygen available the wastes will be pumped into the anaerobic tank.

Second Week of August 2013

The anerobic digesters foundation is being fortified with steel rerod and pex tubing. This tank will eventually store up to 317,000 gallons of hydrolyzed material for up to 21 days. During this time farther break down of molecules will take place creating an abundance of methane. This methane will be caught in a 97,000 gallon “ballon” within the tank until used as fuel to the engine that will produce electricity.

Third Week of August 2013

The foundation of the Digestate storage tank is started. The tank will hold liquid effluent that is left when solids are separated from matter leaving the Anearobic tank. These liquids will be held in this 115,000 gallon tank until moved to a larger holding pond located by the farm or used as fertilizer in the warmer months. Hot water pipes leading from the Digester motor to the utility building on campus also are set.


Last Week of August 2013

More progress with the Liquid effluent tank as the concrete wall are built. Hot water lines are established in the ground that will eventually let us capture wasted heat from the motor to heat dorms and the swimming pool on campus.